North Carolina Catholic Bishops Campaign For Marriage Inequality

The bishops representing the Catholic dioceses of Charlotte and Raleigh have thrown their support behind North Carolina’s Amendment One, which would ban not only same-sex marriage, but civil unions and domestic partnerships as well. Under the guise of “protecting” marriage, Bishops Peter Jugis and Michael Burbidge explain to voters why they should vote for the discriminatory amendment:

JUGIS: Same-sex unions are unable to realize the unique and full potential that a traditional marriage relationship expresses… The Church’s position on traditional marriage is not an instance of discrimination or animosity towards homosexual persons. Marriage is based on natural law, a law that can never be changed; therefore, there will be boundaries that cannot be modified. At the same time, in light of our belief in the inherent¬†dignity¬†of every person without exception, individuals and society must respect those with a homosexual orientation.

BURBIDGE: Catholics belief that the Church has the authority, the obligation, the Gospel mandate, to affirm these authentic teachings and to preserve and foster the supremely sacred value of marriage in our society… Our beliefs are principled ones, divinely revealed, and to be regarded seriously in any consideration of marriage and family life.

Both also alluded to the common Catholic talking point that same-sex marriage is somehow a threat to the survival of the species. Watch their videos:

If Bishop Jugis truly wants to respect the “inherent dignity” of gay people, perhaps he shouldn’t be suggesting that their second-class status be codified into state law. Discrimination is discrimination, even if Catholic leaders say it isn’t.