Russia Could Face Backlash Following Passage Of Anti-Gay Propaganda Law

LGBT activists are pressuring the international community to punish Russian lawmakers for enacting a law in St. Petersburg that fines individuals and organizations that “promote” homosexuality to minors. The group GayRussia is asking authorities in the EU, USA, Canada, Australia, France and Germany “to impose bans on entries to these countries for Vitaly Milonov, the author of the scandalous ‘anti-gay law’ and Georgy Poltavchenko, St. Petersburg governor who adopted the law by signing the final draft.” “Milonov and Poltavchenko have disgraced Russia all over the world. They have turned our country and its ‘culture capital’ into the medieval barbaric times, what that means is that there is no place for them in the contemporary civilized countries. Milonov and Poltavchenko do not share the values of democracy, freedom and human rights. They cannot be allowed to spread their homophobic views abroad,” the group wrote in an open letter to the EU. A Russian journalist is also calling on Madonna, Mercedes-Benz, and PepsiCo to boycott St. Petersburg and cancel scheduled events, while the Canadian government has issued a travel advisory.