Georgia Teen Sues School After Being Removed As President For Inclusive Prom Proposal

Lack also serves as co-captain of the varsity debate team.

Atlanta teen Reuben Lack was Student Body President at Alpharetta High School until last February, when he suggested that the school’s prom should be inclusive of same-sex couples. His simple proposal was to have a gender-neutral “Prom Court” instead of a “Prom King and Queen,” and for trying to advance that idea on multiple occasions, his faculty advisors removed him from his leadership position. Now, Lack is suing the school, and the complaint explains the negative impact of the decision:

By removing him as Student Body President, Defendants sought to punish Lack for advocating for his position on issues of student concern, and sought to restrain his ability to advocate for those positions in his elected capacity as Student Body President… Defendants’ actions serve to silence Lack, and have a chilling effect upon student expression in general.

The school has declined to comment on the matter. This morning, Lack discussed the case with a local news station, describing how the teachers were “visibly agitated” and “very, very uncomfortable, to the point where they were almost angry” at the mere idea same-sex couples might have a chance to participate in the prom court. Watch it: