New Hampshire’s Republican Gubernatorial Candidates Show Little Enthusiasm For Repealing Marriage Equality

Earlier this week, as Republicans in New Hampshire defeated a proposal to repeal the state’s same-sex marriage law, opponents of marriage equality insisted that they would reintroduce the measure and resurrect the issue in the gubernatorial election this November. But lawmakers have little enthusiasm for revisiting the issue and, given the public’s support for the law, the GOP’s nominees for governor are also hesitant to take-up the cause.

Yesterday, Patch’s Kyle Stucker caught up with Republican gubernatorial candidate Ovide Lamontagne, who told him that while he would support repealing the state’s marriage equality law, it is not a priority:

LAMONTAGNE: I believe in traditional marriage as well, but it’s not my top priority and I think like anything else it’s going to work itself out people come together in whatever it is they want to do in addressing this. I think we should have a referendum, frankly, in the state to find out wehre people are. But let’s focus on what really matters to people right now… and it’s job creation….Social issues aren’t the dominant issues, I don’t hear about them really, anywhere else.

Watch it:

Lamontagne’s fellow Republican gubernatorial candidate Kevin Smith — former Executive Director of the anti-gay Cornerstone Policy Research and Cornerstone Action — shares a similar sentiment. “I support traditional marriage and if the Legislature were to put a bill on my desk to support that definition, I would sign it,” he said on Thursday. That being said, it is not my agenda as governor.” Democratic candidates Jackie Cilley and Maggie Hassan voted for the law in 2009 and oppose its repeal.