Maggie Gallagher Defends NOM’s Race-Wedging Memos: ‘I Don’t Apologize For Any Of It’

The National Organization for Marriage’s Maggie Gallagher made her first public appearance today on MSNBC with Thomas Roberts, four days after confidential memos detailing NOM’s race-wedging tactics were released. In her appearance, she continued NOM’s incredulous PR strategy of continuing to spotlight people of color who oppose marriage equality and attempting to win their favor by defending them from charges of bigotry:

GALLAGHER: It’s insulting to suggest that these African-American or Latino leaders are standing up because NOM is manipulating them. Obviously the only reason anyone stands up for marriage at this point in this culture is out of principle because we believe it’s a good thing.[…]

We didn’t cause or create this, and frankly if we could get together with the gay community, and take the idea that it’s bigoted or discriminatory to stand up for marriage off the table for black people or for white people, we’d be happy to do it.[…]

I don’t apologize for any [of the projects listed in the memos]. Although, I don’t like the suggestion that somehow we have the power to make gay marriage advocates call other people bigots or haters. We don’t, we wish they would stop. Or that we have the power to make African American or Latino Democrats do anything. We’re really grateful and respect the leadership that they’ve shone for the values that they hold dear and that we share.

This is NOM “fanning the hostility” between blacks and gays exactly as described in the strategic documents.

Debating Gallagher was openly gay Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger, who has hounded NOM for attempting to circumvent state finance disclosure laws. It was just such an investigation into NOM’s operation in Maine that led to the release of these internal documents. When Gallagher tried to claim that the controversy makes the organization sound like it’s “way too big for our britches,” Karger and Roberts both pointed out that NOM continues to inject millions of dollars into anti-equality campaigns across the country. Watch it: