The Morning Pride: April 2, 2012

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– Republicans have been rallying against the so-called “war on religious freedom.”

– Bank of America is defending its executive who posted a video opposing North Carolina’s discriminatory Amendment One, though the video is now set to “private.”

– A sexual orientation hate crimes bill was introduced on the last day of Georgia’s legislative session.

– The National Center for Transgender Equality has released a “Know Your Rights” guide to trans health care.

– A gay pediatrician shares stories of homophobia he’s witnessed in the field of medicine.

– A Philippine Catholic school is not allowing six boys to graduate because of Facebook photos showing them kissing.

– Because a trans woman entered a same-sex civil partnership, Ireland is reconsidering how it legally recognizes citizens’ gender transitions.

– The UK will not, however, track trans students in higher education.

– The documentary “Bully” may be re-released with cuts that allow it to be rated PG-13.

– Gay pride groups continue to appear in military academies.

– Adding to his wife’s regular writing, a father defends his very young gay son from the many negative comments posted online.

– The suicide of a gay therapist highlights the unseen mental health challenges for aging gay men.

– ABC’s What Would You Do? investigates how people when react when bullies pick on the kids of same-sex couples.

In The Life‘s special documentary on transgender children can now be watched in full online.