The Morning Pride: April 4, 2012

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– Today, the First Circuit Court of Appeals will hear two challenges of the Defense of Marriage Act out of Massachusetts, Gill v. Office of Personnel Management and Massachusetts v. United States. Meet plaintiff Dean Hara, who is suing for the pension of his late partner Rep. Gerry Studds (D-MA).

– A Senate bill to extend healthcare and retirement benefits to the same-sex domestic partners of federal employees continues to gain traction.

– The Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce and, surprisingly, many conservatives, have come out against North Carolina’s discriminatory Amendment One.

– An Ohio high school student is suing for the right to wear a “Jesus Is Not a Homophobe” t-shirt on the Day of Silence.

– A Minnesota Catholic School’s discussion about same-sex marriage — including comparisons to bestiality — did not go over well with the students.

Local officials from across Michigan are calling for the state’s civil rights act to include LGBT protections.

– Bowie State University in Bowie, MD has become the first historically black college to open an LGBTQI and Allies Resource Center.

– How is the debate on LGBT rights impacting life on Catholic university campuses?

– Frank Schubert, the National Organization for Marriage’s go-to ad man, has left Schubert Flint Public Affairs to start his own social conservative consulting company.

– A New York lesbian chef has won $1.6 million in a lawsuit against her restaurant owner for his prayer meetings in which he prayed to cure her homosexuality.

– Linda Harvey of Mission America and Barb Anderson of the Parents Action League — both hate groups — have decried advances in Anoka-Hennepin School District as “advocating going into this [homosexual] lifestyle.”

– A Turkish mayor hopes “there won’t be any gays in our Turkey and there shouldn’t be.”

– Comedy Central takes on NOM’s race-baiting.

– An essay about Christian views on homosexuality gave a 15-year-old the courage to come out to his mother and completely change her perspective.

– In this fantastic lipdub one-take, Cypress Ranch High School in Cypress, TX makes it clear that bullying is not welcome in their hallways, but lots of fun antics are: