Oklahoma Church Welcomes Gays, Speaks Out Against ‘The Cobbler Passages’ Condemning Homosexuality

The Edmond Trinity Christian Church in Oklahoma is opening its doors to members of the gay and lesbian community, after its congregation voted unanimously “to become an Open and Affirming congregation of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)” recognized by the Gay Lesbian and Affirming Disciples (GLAD) Alliance. Rev. Don Heath distanced himself from Christians who use certain biblical Scriptures he called “the clobber passages” to condemn homosexuality, noting that “the Bible was written by man and some passages ‘reflect the prejudice of the time’ and not necessarily the inspired Word of God.” “It’s a congregational effort rather than a hierarchy saying this is the way it has to be,” he said. 100 of the more than 3,600 Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregations in the U.S. and Canada are now considered Open and Affirming congregations “and several hundred more are in the process of becoming formally recognized as such.”