Navy Cadets Feel More Comfortable In Wake Of DADT Repeal

A gay and lesbian alumni group for graduates of the Naval Academy welcomed “the first midshipmen who will graduate after repeal of the military’s ‘don’t ask, don’t tell'” with a dinner on Saturday. The group, USNA Out, has held the event since 2009, but this year was different “because the repeal of the law increased the comfort level for students.” “This year we saw a significant increase in midshipmen interest and participation, particularly from the graduating class,” said Steve Hall, USNA’s executive director and a 1975 academy graduate. He added there were twice as many seniors in attendance this year than last, something he directly attributed to repeal of the ban against open service. “They feel more comfortable attending these events, and it’s great to see the increasing role that they’re taking with mentorship,” the group’s chairman says.