The Morning Pride: April 23, 2012

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– Watergate felon, Mahattan Declaration co-author, and homophobic prison evangelist Chuck Colson died over the weekend.

– Perhaps playing damage control after not advancing a non-discrimination executive order, the Obama campaign has released a “Progress for the LGBT Community” infographic.

Less than 20 people showed up for Washington, DC’s LGBT rally on Saturday, one of 30 world-wide events designed to “Reach One Million People.”

– Anti-gay hostility continues to plague the military, as evidenced by the harassment a lesbian captain experienced dancing with her partner at a military ball.

Lincoln, Nebraska is considering an LGBT anti-discrimination ordinance.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin is considering domestic partner benefits for city employees.

– This year’s attempt to ban same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania’s constitution appears to be dead.

– For the first time ever, teachers in Minnesota’s Anoka-Hennepin School District could openly support students participating in the Day of Silence.

– Reminder: The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins still regularly preaches that homosexuality is “morally wrong” and leads to “eternal damnation.”

South Koreans protested Lady Gaga’s Seoul concert this weekend to protect “young people from being infected with homosexuality and pornography.”

– Check out all the highlights from this weekend’s GLAAD Media Awards.

– Actor Chris Evans believes that in ten years, people will be ashamed same-sex marriage was ever opposed.

– Students, faculty, and staff from the Harvard Business School and University of South Carolina say, “It Gets Better”: