Gambian President Condemns Homosexuality As ‘Evil And Ungodly’

President Yahy Jammeh of The Gambia opened the 2012 legislative year with a condemnation of homosexuality, chastising Great Britain and the United States for threatening to withhold financial support if the country continues to persecute and incarcerate gay people:

JAMMEH: If you are to give us aid for men and men or for women and women to marry, leave it; we don’t need your aid because, as long as I am the President of The Gambia, you will never see that happen in this country. One thing we will never compromise, for whatever reason, is the integrity of our culture, our dignity and our sovereignty. […] Sometimes you hear of a lot of noise about the laws of this country or my pronouncements; let me make it very clear that, if you want me to offend God for you to give me aid, you are making a great mistake; you will not bribe me to do what is evil and ungodly. I made it very clear, and I will make it very clear to this august body again that every country, every society, every culture has its own natural dos and dont’s.