Support For Marriage Equality Up 13 Percent In New Hampshire

The Rockefeller Center’s fifth annual New Hampshire State of the State Poll, released last week, finds that support for marriage equality has increased 13 percent from a year ago, with 55 percent of respondents endorsing the 2009 law:

The proportion of respondents in support of same-sex marriage in the state of New Hampshire increased from 41.5 percent in 2011 to 55.1 percent this year. The rate of opposition decreased from 42.2 percent last year to under one-third (30.9 percent) in this year’s survey. The majority of registered Democrats or Undeclared voters are in support of same-sex marriage (76 percent and 66 percent, respectively). Under one-third (29 percent) of Republicans surveyed support the measure. The majority of respondents who self-identified as “liberal” or “moderate” support same-sex marriage, while the majority of those who self-identified as “conservative” are in opposition. The following chart depicts support and opposition to same-sex marriage according to respondent demographic information.


Last month, Republicans in New Hampshire defeated a proposal to repeal marriage equality in the state and conservative lawmakers are showing little enthusiasm for revisiting the issue. Since the law went into effect, the state reports that 1,887 same-sex couples have married.