New York Senator Dismisses Opponent’s Effort To Turn Marriage Equality Vote Into Political Issue

The New York lawmakers who voted in favor of same-sex marriage in New York aren’t regretting their support for marriage equality as they head into re-election. All four Republican senators are standing by their decisions and so is conservative Democrat Sen. Joe Addabbo, who “had cast no votes against the bill the last time the measure came up in 2009, but relented during last year’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo-led push.” “We vote here in Albany on well over 2,000 pieces of legislation and the marriage equality bill was to benefit a certain segment of the population,” Addabbo said, dismissing his Republican challenger’s attempts to make his support an issue in the election. “We vote on issues like the budget which effects everybody. I think a year later from the marriage bill people realize for many it didn’t concern them and it’s a non-issue for many of the people that I speak to in my district.” He added, “I think people are more concerned about the issues that concern them each and every day like taxes and health care.”