Rep. Huelskamp Accuses Obama Of Advancing ‘The Radical Homosexual Agenda’

Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) accused President Obama of advancing “the radical homosexual agenda” and waging a “shocking violation of religious liberty” during an appearance on a conservative radio talk show last week. Huelskamp took to the program to promote his Military Religious Freedom Protection Act, a measure designed to protect servicemembers who express opposition to gay or lesbian people from discrimination. “I think you have this radical secularism and you put it together with the radical homosexual movement and say ‘hey, if you have those beliefs that’s fine but you can talk about it for an hour on Sunday, maybe, and after that just keep quiet for the other hundred and some hours a week,’ ” Huelskamp said. “The idea that chaplains would not be able to preach certain parts of the Gospel and say, ‘you know what this is the way we interpret it and this is what it means,’ and those are being shut down.” Interestingly, the military has yet to report a case of religious oppression or discrimination.