11 Democratic Party Chairs Call For Marriage Equality In Platform

Eleven state chairs of the Democratic Party “have declared their support for adding marriage equality to the national party’s platform,” joining a growing number of prominent party officials calling for the recognition of same-sex couples. “In Texas we love all our families,” said Texas Democratic Party Chairman Boyd Richie. “We know to build a strong Democratic party and a strong Texas we must honor the core principles of our party and champion the full human rights of every citizen.” However, two of the state chairs — Vermont Democratic Party Chairman Jake Perkinson and New York’s Jay Jacobs — raised concerns about being involved in the effort after the group Freedom to Marry sent out a release announcing the new support. Perkinson told Politico “he had not signed off on the release and felt that his conversations with the group” had been “hijacked,” while Jacobs clarified that the provision “were reflective of his views, but not necessarily those of the New York Democratic Party.”