The Morning Pride: May 7, 2012

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– Secretary of State Hillary Clinton released a new video on bullying, encouraging everyone to “contribute to more tolerant, supportive environments” and stamp out bullying wherever it happens.

– The University of Minnesota Senate, which includes faculty, academic professionals, civil service staff, and student representatives, has overwhelmingly approved a resolution opposing Minnesota’s proposed marriage inequality amendment.

– The California Court of Appeal ruled last week that a surviving same-sex partner was entitled to inheritance rights even though the deceased had not left a will and the two were not married.

– Ken Hutcherson, one of the leading opponents of Washington’s new marriage equality law, is trying to reclaim the word “gay,” describing himself as “the gayest guy I know.”

– Are conservatives’ brains simply wired for homophobia?

– British Prime Minister David Cameron is “not backing down on gay marriage,” though a petition against marriage equality apparently now has 500,000 signatures.

– Pro-LGBT Socialist candidate François Hollande was won France’s presidential election, ousting incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy.

– The Pittsburgh Pirates and Oakland A’s have kicked off the baseball season by saying, “It Gets Better.”

– Listen to this lovely folk song opposing North Carolina’s Amendment One: