We Are Now Beginning Our Descent: Delta Sides With Anti-Gay Donohue, Withdraws Ads From The Daily Show

Delta Airlines is siding with an organization that compares pro-choice groups to Nazis and shuns adoption if the parents happen to be gay.

Today, the airline company confirmed that it will stop advertising on the Daily Show after the far-right anti-gay Catholic League, headed up by Bill Donohue, took issue with a graphic used on the Daily Show that showed a manger between a woman’s legs.

The Catholic League and its president have called the comedian’s joke “hate speech.” They have made no comments or attempts to apologize, however, for their own hateful speech which includes blaming gay people for pedophilia in the Catholic Church, saying that HHS Sec. Kathleen Sebelius was no better than an anti-semite, or claiming that a lesbian’s children aren’t her own because they are adopted.