Hate-Filled Pastor Says Anti-Gay Amendment Would Protect Marriage ‘In The Garden Of Eden’

Rev. Ron Baity, the head of Head of Return America organization, appeared on CNN to discuss Tuesday’s vote on North Carolina’s Amendment 1, a measure that would prohibit same-sex marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships in the state’s constitution. In addressing a national audience, Baity denied making degrading and insulting remarks about gay people and instead insisted that the amendment would protect “Biblical marriage” performed “by our Creator in the Garden of Eden.” “We love homosexuals, we do not agree with their lifestyle,” he added:

GLAAD has notedthat Baity has a long history of slandering the LGBT community and he knows better than to admit to it on national television. The pastor has implied that gay people are worse than maggots, compared gay people to murderers, claimed that accepting gay people would make society “more filthy,” and said that accepting gay people would make society “more filthy.”