Colorado Civil Unions Pass Final Committee, Floor Vote Expected Tonight

The Colorado Civil Unions Act has passed its final committee hurdle, the House Appropriations Committee, with a 7-6 vote. There were concerns that the committee was wasting time on bills that won’t make it to the Senate this session and are essentially dead, but it does seem there is enough time for civil unions to proceed. The bill will have to get a House floor vote yet tonight so that it can have its final reading tomorrow, and there’s no guarantee that the controlling Republican leadership will allow it. Stay tuned.


During the committee discussion, Rep. Marsha Looper (R) advanced two amendments to create extra exceptions for church-based schools and therapists to not recognize (discriminate) against civil unions. There will have to be enough Republican support to strip these amendments during tonight’s floor debate so that the bill remains identical to the Senate version, because there is not enough time in the session for the Senate to reconsider it as amended.

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