University Of Arkansas At Fort Smith Bans Trans Student From Giving Class Lectures

Jennifer Braly, 36, is regularly invited to classes at the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith to discuss gender identity issues. A psychology student herself, Braly identifies as trans and delivers meticulously researched presentations informed by her own personal experiences. But toward the end of the semester, administrators inexplicably banned Braly from speaking in front of classes, canceling her class lectures without even consulting the faculty who had invited her to speak. It seems that one offensively anti-trans student — who had interrupted Braly with slurs and jeers — had complained about the lectures, but the administration might also be retaliating because Braly sued earlier this year regarding the lack of trans protections at the university. For example, until last Monday, she was only permitted to use the few gender-neutral restrooms, not women’s rooms in accordance with her gender. As it stands, Braly’s understanding is that she can no longer present in UAFS classrooms.