George Allen Disagrees With Virginia Republicans: Sexual Orientation Should Not Be A Criteria For Judges

Former Senator George Allen (R), who is now running to reclaim his seat, said he disagreed with a recent decision by the state’s House of Delegates to reject the confirmation of a judicial nominee because he is gay. The House rejected the appointment of Tracy Thorne-Begland, one of the state’s top prosecutors, because “his lifestyle is exactly contrary” the the state’s anti-marriage equality law, Delegate Bob Marshall (R) said.

But Allen said he does not think sexual orientation should be a consideration for judges. “What I’d look at as far as judges is, I’d look at their qualifications. As far as judges are concerned, sexual orientation is not one of their criteria for being a judge,” Allen said during a campaign stop in Prince William County, according to Inside Nova.

Allen is hardly an LGBT-friendly lawmaker. He’s said that gay rights are not civil rights, co-sponsored a constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality, and often used to raise the specter of same-sex marriage in stump speeches.