The Morning Pride: May 23, 2012

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– Yesterday was Harvey Milk Day, honoring the slain civil rights hero. San Diego revealed the first-ever Harvey Milk street sign and San Francisco urged the Secretary of the Navy to christen a ship the U.S.S. Harvey Milk.

– Members of Pastor Worley’s church in North Carolina defended his concentration camp plan for “lesbians and queers.”

– After months of uncertainty, a Vermont same-sex binational couple has been spared deportation.

– California’s legislature is advancing a bill that would help those discharged under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell clear their records and have their benefits reinstated.

Orange County, Florida has created a domestic partner registry, making it the tenth Florida municipality to create a registry in just the past eight months.

NPR examines the “complex relationship” between “blacks, gays, and the church,” but of course, some people are members of all three groups.

– A group of Mormons is preparing to defend marriage equality in Washington.

– Johnson & Johnson has launched an anti-bullying program to support PFLAG.

– The University of Pennsylvania will now cover the tax offset for same-sex domestic partners of employees.

Fox News’ Keith Ablow continues to promote junk science, including ex-gay therapy.

– A British ex-gay therapist who was suspended for dispensing the harmful treatment had her appeal rejected by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

– Check out photos from a clandestine gay rights rally in Iran.

NCTE’s Mara Keisling talks about the current state of transgender equality.

Gay X-Man Northstar proposed and married his boyfriend.

– Check out Maine’s new marriage equality ad: