POLL: Pennsylvania African Americans Support Marriage Equality

A new Public Policy Polling survey shows that African American support for marriage equality has increased dramatically in Pennsylvania. Just last November, the African-American community opposed same-sex marriage with only 34 percent in favor and 52 percent against. Now, in the wake of President Obama’s support on the issue, the polling has shifted to a 42 percent plurality in favor with 41 percent opposed, a 19-point shift. In general, Pennsylvanians are not as supportive, with only 39 percent in favor and 48 percent opposed, but it seems African Americans are leading the momentum toward the inevitability of nationwide marriage equality. As PPP President Dean Debnam points out, “The media’s been asking the wrong question — the big issue isn’t how Obama’s stance will affect his reelection hopes. It’s how Obama’s stance will move public opinion on gay marriage.”