Real-Life Dads From JCPenney Ad Respond To Anti-Gay Outrage: ‘We’re Not Ashamed Of Our Family’

JC Penney's new Fathers' Day ad

JCPenney recently incited backlash from the American Family Association’s One Million Moms for featuring a gay couple in one of their Fathers’ Day advertisements when OMM suggested that the department store was “promoting sin” with their inclusive advertising.

Gay couple Cooper Smith and Todd Koch responded today to the negative and positive attention their ad has received, saying that the positive support has been overwhelming and the criticism doesn’t bother them because “we’re not ashamed of our family.” Smith pointed out that the ad shouldn’t be controversial because it just reflects the day-to-day life of his family:

SMITH: The ad just reflects our life. We care about the exact same things any other parents care about. Are our kid safe, are they happy, are they getting to school on time and have they eaten lunch yet?

Watch it:

Despite OMM’s repeated protests against the company, JCPenney has demonstrated a commitment to LGBT equality over the past year, refuting the criticism for their decisions to bring on openly-gay comedian Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson and feature a lesbian couple in a Mothers’ Day ad.