Jeb Bush: Loving Same-Sex Parents Should Be ‘Held Up As Examples For Others’

In an otherwise comfortable interview with Charlie Rose last Thursday, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (R) struggled to answer questions about his stance on marriage equality. Although his brother supported a constitutional ban on gay marriage as president, the younger Bush believes America needs all forms of families as parenting examples. He clarified that he personally still opposes same-sex marriage, but despite his platitudes offered a contrast to many of his GOP cohort:

BUSH: I don’t think people need to be discriminated against because they don’t share my belief on this, and if people love their children with all their heart and soul and that’s what they do and that’s how they organize their life that should be held up as examples for others to follow because we need it. We desperately need it and that can take all sorts of forms, it doesn’t have to take the one that I think should be sanctioned under the law.

Bush’s statement is not an endorsement of marriage equality. Still, coupled with his other observation about how his father and Ronald Reagan would have a hard time finding common ground in today’s GOP, it does show the potential of a party shift on marriage equality similar to President Obama’s own evolution.

Steven Perlberg