Australian State Bans Same-Sex Surrogacy Because Childlessness Is A ‘Consequence’ Of Homosexuality

The Australian state of Queensland decided last night to take some rights away from same-sex couples. The Legislative Assembly downgraded civil partnerships to the class of “registered relationships,” revoking the option for couples to have an official ceremony. Worse yet, Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie announced that single people and gay couples will no longer be allowed to have children through a surrogate, increasing the difficulty for them to start families.

A former campaigner for the conservative Liberal National Party, which is responsible for the downgrade, explained the thinking behind the change. According to Graham Young, surrogacy treats children like property:

YOUNG: I don’t think you treat children as chattels, as possessions you have some sort of a right to have, I think they rise out of your situation and if you’re a heterosexual couple it arises naturally out of it. If you’re not a heterosexual couple then it can’t arise naturally out of it and I think that is just a consequence of not being in a heterosexual couple, or being barren. It troubles me, this idea that people have a right to have a child and that the child then becomes something which is sort of organised between people.

Apparently conservatives like Young believe that children are better off when parents are not prepared to raise them and do not have the proper resources. This obvious deficit of logic can only be explained by a bias against same-sex couples or some bizarre subscription to a “natural law” with no foundation in reality.

In an interesting aside, Queensland’s highest court ruled this week that people who are bisexual can claim compensation if they are vilified with homophobia. Perhaps the state’s LGBT community should file a complaint against the entire Legislative Assembly.