NOM Closely Tied To Proliferation Of Flawed Parenting Study

Conservatives continue to chatter about Mark Regnerus’ fraudulent study, which included minimal data about committed same-sex couples, but which has been used to generalize broadly about gay and lesbian parenting. The American Independent’s Andy Birkey points out that the National Organization for Marriage is intricately tied to the the study, including its funders and its distribution. The incredible number of posts written and highlighted by NOM and its affiliates reminds that the organization’s internal memos revealed its commitment to highlighting “cognitive elites” and “highly credentialed intellectuals” to support its anti-gay agenda. Given NOM’s close ties to the groups that funded Regnerus’ research, it’s quite possible that the organization has been planning efforts to spin this study from the get-go. Unsurprisingly, NOM has had little to say about a new study showing that male role models are irrelevant to kids’ well-being.