Newly Engaged Couple Responds To Anti-Trans Detractors

When Dr. Scout proposed to Liz Margolies at last week’s White House Pride reception, it was a celebratory moment for two prominent LGBT activists in love. But after the video went viral, many conservative detractors attacked them because Scout is trans. In separate response videos, the newly engaged couple responds to their detractors. Scout uses humor to diffuse the many anti-trans comments he’s received, offering, “To the blog that was titled, ‘Freak Show,’ we just want to remind you that it’s actually Dr. Freak Show to you.” Margolies reflected on her love for Scout, saying, “We’re just regular people struggling to do good in the world, struggling to raise kids, and struggling to love each other.” Watch both videos:

The couple shared some additional thoughts in an op-ed at The Advocate.