POLL: Support For Marriage Equality Increases In Ohio

Marriage equality is not as popular in Ohio as in other states, but that is quickly changing. A new poll shows that 37 percent of people in Ohio support same-sex marriage, while 50 percent oppose. Though these numbers are still below national polling, they still represent a 10 point in crease from October’s numbers (32/55). Democrats’ support increased from 46/41 support to a 54/30 majority, and Independents have shifted from opposition (32/51) to support (42/38). A small sample of black voters shifted vastly from opposition (16/63) to support (42/35), reflective of growing support among African-Americans — particularly since President Obama’s endorsement of marriage equality. Though favor on the issue of marriage may be below average, 66 percent of Ohio voters do support some form of legal recognition for same-sex couples, such as civil unions.