Liberty Counsel: Scouts Need To Be Protected From ‘Homosexual Pressures And Predators’

Today, the anti-gay Liberty Counsel used the decision by Boy Scouts of America to maintain its ban on gay scouts and leaders to endorse two of the most archaic and harmful myths about LGBT people. Praising the move on Facebook this afternoon, the Counsel wrote, “Congratulations! Boy Scouts affirm natural family! They will continue to protect young boys from homosexual pressures and predators.”  The paraphilia of pedophilia has no connection to the sexual orientation of homosexuality, and as in the Catholic Church, believing otherwise has not prevented sexual abuse from taking place within the scouting ranks. It is the ignorance, invisibility, and stigma that the Liberty Counsel promotes from which young boys truly deserve protection.


Mat Staver, head of Liberty Counsel and Dean of the Liberty University School of Law, also offered comment yesterday, telling the American Family Association that “the agenda of the sexual anarchist movement” — the “threat of homosexuality and same-sex unions” — is the “biggest threat to our family, to our morality, and to our freedom that we face here in America.”

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