Colorado State Patrol Found To Harbor Homophobic, Discriminating Culture

Colorado State Personnel Board judge Mary McClatchey issued a scathing ruling on Monday which found that the Colorado State Patrol harbors a homophobic culture and denied re-employment to a former officer after probing his sexual orientation. In 2010, Captain Brett Williams decided to return the State Patrol after he had left to pursue a different career. However, during his reinstatement polygraph test, a State Patrol sergeant asked Williams a question aimed at forcing him to disclose his sexual orientation, which is not permitted under patrol rules. Upon learning that Williams was gay, the examiner and other patrol leaders decided that he was unfit to be reinstated. According to the ruling, “the anti-gay culture in the patrol is well-documented in this case. The patrol has never educated its members or leaders through training or otherwise of the prohibition of sexual orientation discrimination in its written policy or state statute; further it has not enforced that policy.” Following the ruling, the Patrol was ordered to include sexual orientation training in the agency’s diversity programs.

Angela Guo