The Morning Pride: July 20, 2012

Welcome to The Morning Pride, ThinkProgress LGBT’s daily round-up of the latest in LGBT policy, politics, and some culture too! Here’s what we’re reading this morning, but please let us know what stories you’re following as well. Follow us all day on Twitter at @TPEquality.

– Check out the approved design for the future New York City AIDS Memorial at St. Vincent’s Hospital Park.

– Maine’s marriage equality advocates have the support of 350 clergy representing 20 different denominations in 158 Maine towns.

– Boston Mayor Thomas Menino (D) has vowed that Chick-fil-A will not be welcome “on our Freedom Trail.”

– Minnesota hate group leader Bradlee Dean says that gays and lesbians (“1.7 percent of the people”) are “responsible for all the bad things going on in this country.”

– The Media Research Center’s Dan Gainor doesn’t believe fellow LGBT blogger Jeremy Hooper is a real person!

– The ex-gay Newsweek-cover poster couple John and Anne Paulk may be splitting up, with rumors that John is dating a man.

– A Georgia appeals court upheld a lesbian couple’s second parent adoption without actually taking a position on second-parent adoption.

Nigerian activists are concerned that banning gay advocacy will increase the spread of HIV.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has called for the global decriminalization of homosexuality for exactly that reason, comparing anti-gay laws to racial segregation in South Africa.

Video games company Electronic Arts has joined many other prominent companies in opposing the Defense of Marriage Act in an amicus brief.

– The National Association of the Deaf supports marriage equality: