GOP Congressman Slams Pentagon’s Decision To Allow Soldiers To March In Uniform In Pride Parade

Rep. Randy Forbes (R-VA)

Today, Republican Rep. Randy Forbes (R-VA) attacked the Pentagon’s decision to allow soldiers to march in uniform in San Diego’s pride parade last Saturday. Forbes, a senior Republican on the House Armed Services Committee, accused the Pentagon of working to advance President Obama’s “social agenda” in a press release today:

FORBES: I am calling on the DoD to halt these dangerous exceptions to policy for political purposes. This decision was an outrageous and blatantly political determination issued solely to advance this Administration’s social agenda. Sadly, this is yet another violation in what has become a pattern of this Administration’s assault on the longstanding history of the Department of Defense as a nonpolitical organization.

For weeks ahead of the parade, soldiers built momentum to march in uniform but were uncertain whether they would receive Pentagon approval to do so. The Pentagon approved the request two days before the parade, but did not change its policy requiring approval.

Despite Forbes’ claims, there is no evidence that the White House had any hand in the Pentagon’s decision. At Saturday’s parade, the military contingent drew the loudest cheers from the 200,000 attendees. Sean Sala, a former Navy Sailor who organized the parade’s military contingent, said of the Pentagon’s decision: “These are people that have laid down their lives for their country…and they deserve recognition for their service regardless of their sexuality.”

Ben Sherman