Huckabee Demonstrates Anti-Gay Hypocrisy Over What Warrants A Boycott

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is leading the charge in defending Chick-fil-A with “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day” this Wednesday, but with the new media attention, he has proven his hypocrisy over what warrants a boycott. Breaking from his anti-gay partners at the National Organization for Marriage, Huckabee actually disavowed the group’s failed boycotts of Starbucks and General Mills, but with a tenuous explanation:

HUCKABEE: That’s what I find most offensive. Instead of having an honest, rational, intellectually sound discussion about whether the COO of a company should be able to make statements, whether it’s Dan Cathy at Chick-fil-A or Howard Schultz at Starbucks — which I think is fine. If Howard Schultz wants to make statements, that’s fine. Let him do it. I’m not going to go asking for a boycott of Starbucks. This is a marketplace. If Starbucks starts writing on the side of every cup ‘We Don’t Like Christians,” then I’d have to look at it differently. But Starbucks sells coffee. Chick-fil-A sells chicken. The point of view of its senior executives and their founders is frankly their business. I just find this level of trying to destroy people’s jobs and livelihoods because they don’t agree with them — that’s very troubling, and it gets to the very heart of a kind of America that’s very different than the one we grew up with.

For what it’s worth, there aren’t any nationwide Chick-fil-A boycotts actually being called for. But Huckabee’s qualification of what would make him consider a Starbucks boycott demonstrates why he should actually support, or at least respect, the widespread backlash against Chick-fil-A. As he points out, Starbucks didn’t say anything anti-Christian by supporting marriage equality, let alone donate large sums of money to an explicitly anti-Christian organization (not that any such group of any significance even exists in this country).

On the contrary, Chick-fil-A gives millions of dollars annually to groups trying to demonize and eradicate gay people through ex-gay therapy, and its president said that marriage equality supporters are “inviting God’s judgment” by having the “audacity” to advocate for that “twisted up kind of stuff.” That certainly trumps how offensive a message like “We don’t like Christians” would be, but of course, Huckabee is incapable of understanding that because he shares Chick-fil-A’s beliefs. If, however, he’s really concerned about destroying people’s livelihoods, perhaps he should take some time to consider the actual impact of Chick-fil-A’s anti-gay statements and donations.

(HT: Good As You.)