NOM Spokesperson Complains That ThinkProgress Calls Her Anti-Gay Rhetoric Anti-Gay

NOM's Jennifer Roback Morse

Jennifer Roback Morse heads up the National Organization for Marriage’s Ruth Institute, which more often than not is just another outlet for proliferating anti-gay propaganda. Morse has complained before that sites like ThinkProgress have debunked her fabrications about the “consequences” of marriage equality, and in March, she objected strongly to GLAAD’s inclusion of her in its Commentator Accountability Project, which advises the media about offensive comments would-be guests have made in non-mainstream venues. In her rant, she attempted to make the case that “opposing the gay lobby” didn’t make her anti-gay. Of course, she never actually addressed the crude, offensive remarks she has made, like comparing the LGBT movement to Nazi Germany and her fears that it amounts to a “hostile takeover of the whole civil society” that is “anti-human” and “at war with Mother Nature.” She has also described homosexuality as an “intrinsically disordered behavior” that people “suffer” and “struggle” with.

Four months after ThinkProgress wrote about Morse’s objections to GLAAD, she is again complaining that we distorted her position, claiming that the “lifestyle left doesn’t actually make arguments. They just make noise”:

Do you see what they have done? They have slipped in an unstated assumption that the “gay lobby” = “gay rights.” Anyone who disagrees with the gay lobby automatically, always and everywhere, opposes gay rights. Put it another way: they have turned an important and debatable question into an unquestioned assumption.

But no assumption is required;  Morse does oppose gay rights — it’s her entire livelihood. No doubt there are plenty of people within the LGBT community who disagree about the best way to lobby for LGBT equality, but that’s definitely not a conversation Morse participates in. She reminds of this just a few paragraphs later:

The subject of my original article in The Blaze was my claim that removing the gender requirement from marriage would result in the state insisting that mothers and fathers are interchangeable. I believe that this will impact men and women differently, and that the net result will be the further marginalization of fathers from the family.

I still believe that to be true. I still believe it will be a very bad thing for society. I am not ashamed of this belief, in spite of GLAAD’s rather ham-handed attempt to shame me about it.

The most telling point though is that Think Progress did not even bring up the question of whether redefining marriage will marginalize fathers from the family. They just changed the subject.

Morse is free to believe whatever she wishes, but that doesn’t make her beliefs correct. As a fellow blogger, surely Morse appreciates that not every post can address every topic, and surely she recalls that just two months prior, ThinkProgress debunked this very argument when she made it. In fact, our blog has repeatedly challenged the notion that same-sex parenting harms children or families, pointing out the duplicitous way that conservatives like Morse use studies about the experience of single mothers to attack lesbians mothers with claims that their children are victims of “fatherlessness.” The one study NOM found (and likely conspired to have published) that drew negative conclusions specifically about gay parenting was so faulty in its methods that the publisher’s internal auditor called it “bullshit.”

Morse thinks GLAAD, Good As You, ThinkProgress, and others are making “noise” by calling out her anti-gay statements for what they are. Rather than confront the honest reality of the harm her lies cause, it is she who is making “noise” with an empty debate about rhetorical strategy.