NOM Defends Biblical Marriage, Including Slavery, Concubines, Polygamy, And Rape

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Defenders of Chick-fil-A’s anti-equality positions have argued that the company simply believes in the “biblical definition of marriage.” An infographic has been circulating the web demonstrating the actual biblical definitions of marriage, including a man, his wife, and his concubines; a man, his wife, and her slaves; a man and his many wives; a rapist and his victim; etc. The National Organization for Marriage’s Ruth Institute responded to the infographic on Facebook and its blog today, arguing that it actually supports conservatives’ case against same-sex marriage:

This image has been making the rounds on Facebook, in an attempt to discredit those of us who insist that removing the gender requirement is redefining marriage. Look carefully at the image and you will see that in ALL of the examples, both genders are represented. This image reinforces the conservative position about needing a gender requirement, it does not undermine our position. And here is why: marriage has always been understood primarily as the means to bearing and raising children. Yes marriage provides companionship to the married partners, but that has never been the reason we needed marriage as a society.

Apparently, it was okay to redefine marriage so that women were not treated as subordinate property — as they were in every example in the graphic — but suddenly it’s problematic to give same-sex families the same respect and security as other couples. If NOM and its Ruth Institute really believe that the blatant hypocrisy of selective Biblical interpretation adds integrity to their argument, let them continue to flaunt it. It only illuminates their obvious bias against gays and lesbians.