The Morning Pride: August 8, 2012

Welcome to The Morning Pride, ThinkProgress LGBT’s daily round-up of the latest in LGBT policy, politics, and some culture too! Here’s what we’re reading this morning, but please let us know what stories you’re following as well. Follow us all day on Twitter at @TPEquality.

– The campaign that supported California’s discriminatory Proposition 8 has been fined $49,000 for failing to report over $1 million in donations.

– The fact that Mitt and Ann Romney had separate civil and religious marriage ceremonies is an important reminder that marriage equality is only about opening up the former.

– Gay activist Trevor Thomas lost his Congressional bid in last night’s Michigan Democratic primary.

– The gay bullying victim from Indianapolis who defended himself by brandishing a “self-protection flashlight” was not only expelled, but will have to complete his schooling at a different school to avoid being relegated to an “alternative school” for “students who cannot adjust to a traditional school setting.”

– The town of Cicero, IL has settled a lawsuit with a transgender woman who claimed she was harassed by police officers.

– Malaysia’s Minister for Islamic Affairs Jamil Khir objected to a same-sex wedding that took place in the country, calling on Malaysians to protest en masse, because such marriages “will erode the family institution.”

Doctors in Beirut will face disciplinary measures if they carry out anal examinations ordered by the state to provide evidence of homosexuality.

– Britain’s only openly gay Olympian, Carl Hester, won the gold medal in the dressage competition.