Australian Religious Leader: Opposing Equality Isn’t Discriminatory

Australia, like many countries, is wrestling with the question of whether or not same-sex couples should have the freedom to marry. The head of Australia’s Presbyterian Church, Reverend David Jones, believes that Christians opposed to the change are in no way being discriminatory:

JONES: We continually are told that the legalisation of same-sex marriage would end perceived discrimination against same-sex couples who are currently not able to marry under federal government law. But at least from the church perspective, opposition to such legalisation has nothing to do with discrimination. Plain and simply, Christians oppose same-sex marriage because the Bible, the word of the God who created male and female and also created marriage, clearly and distinctly says that marriage is between one man and one woman – which means not between two men or two women.

Jones, just like the conservative Christians in the U.S. who oppose marriage equality (and defend Chick-fil-A), seems to believe that “discrimination” and the Bible are always mutually exclusive. While it may not be convenient for them to admit this, the reality is that a belief can both be “Christian” and “discrimination” at the very same time. Indeed, most of the forms of inequality society has left behind in the history books were in the Bible to begin with. Same-sex marriage is no different, and the inequality experienced by same-sex couples should be a much bigger priority than appeasing the consciences of those defending discrimination.