‘Homosexual’ SpongeBob Squarepants, Other Popular Kids Shows May Soon Be Outlawed In Ukraine

The Ukrainian National Commission for the Protection of Morality is set to propose a ban on several popular kids programs, alleging they masquerade as “projects aimed at the destruction of the family, and the promotion of drugs and other vices.” The newspaper Ukraínskaya Pravda reported yesterday that the commission came to the conclusion that SpongeBob Squarepants, the popular Nickleodeon character, is gay, and therefore “present[s] a real threat to children.” Also on the black list are more adult-oriented shows like The Simpsons, Family Guy and Futurama, as well as Pokemon and The Telletubbies. The study quotes a psychologist who warns that exposure to these kinds of animated shows will cause young children to “pull faces and make jokes…laugh out loud and repeat nonsense phrases in a brazen manner.”