Ex-Gay Ministry Leader Continues Spin Without Any Answers

Last night, OWN’s Our America with Lisa Ling aired a new interview with Alan Chambers, executive director of Exodus International, an umbrella organization for various ex-gay ministries. He reiterated his claims that the organization will no longer promote the harmful therapy, but again stopped short of explaining what Exodus will offer instead. The organization still believes that homosexuality is a problem that people “struggle” with, and discourages clients not to identify as gay or pursue same-sex relationships. Chambers says that if his kid comes out to him as gay, he’ll have to “take a deep breath,” but he doesn’t know “what his kids are going to choose when they’re old enough to choose.” That he believes his kid will “choose” an orientation shows his understanding of homosexuality, including his own same-sex attractions, hasn’t actually improved at all. Watch the interview: