Dying Seattle Councilwoman Comes Out As Gay To Show Support For Young People

Chow with her partner, Sarah Morningstar, and their daughter

Cheryl Chow served on the Seattle City Council. She was a school principal and a school board member. And before she dies, Chow wants to do one more public service: Come out, and encourage others to feel more comfortable to do the same.

Despite a ten-year relationship with her partner, Sarah — the two even have a child they are raising together — Chow has kept her sexuality secret from her family and the public. But now that she’s facing cancer of the central nervous system, the 66 year-old woman is coming out. She said she wants to be a role model for young gay people, including the girls on her Chinese Community Drill team. “I wanted them to feel good about themselves and I wanted them to have a role model that wasn’t afraid to say anymore. I’m gay and that’s okay,” she said:

Asked if she still thinks she’ll get some pushback from the Chinese community, Chow says, “No, they can’t do anything to me now. What are they going to do, kill me?” […]

“If I can save one child from feeling bad or even committing suicide because they felt terrible because they were gay, then I would have succeeded in my last crusade,” said Chow.

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