Scott Brown Loses Endorsement From ‘The Fighter’ Micky Ward Over Anti-LGBT and Anti-Labor Views

Boxing legend Micky Ward

Boxing legend Micky Ward

A day after taunting his opponent with the endorsement he was scheduled to receive from a Massachusetts boxing legend, Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) had to KO the event.

Micky Ward, the subject of the 2010 biopic The Fighter, was all set to endorse Brown until he learned that that the freshman Republican opposes LGBT rights and labor unions. Mark Wahlberg played Ward in the multiple-Academy-Award-winning film.

The Lowell Sun reported Friday that Ward initially told the paper day that he was set to endorse Scott Brown’s re-election, but changed his mind shortly after:

Roughly a half-hour after Ward confirmed he was backing Brown, ‘The Fighter’ called back. He said he had given his endorsement a little more thought. “I can’t support Scott Brown,” Ward said. “I just can’t do it.”

Within 30 minutes, Ward either did some Googling or someone close to him reminded him about where Brown stood on some hot-button political topics. “I found out Scott (Brown) is anti-union and I’m a Teamster guy,” said Ward. “I found out he’s also against gay marriage and I say if you love someone you should have the same rights no matter who you are.

Brown has consistently opposed marriage equality and has a lengthy history of working against the LGBT community. He voted against the AFL-CIO’s positions 79 percent of the time in 2011.