VIDEO: Tommy Thompson Actually Shrugged Off Top Adviser’s Gay-Baiting, Kept Him On Staff

ThinkProgress reported Tuesday evening that former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson (R) apologized for the gay-baiting email and tweet sent by his political director Brian Nemoir targeting his Senate opponent Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D). But video of Thompson addressing the situation suggests that his concern over the incident is minimal, and he apparently feels he has to take no responsibility for Nemoir’s comments:

REPORTER: Does [Nemoir] remain with the campaign?

THOMPSON: Uhhh… yes, but in sort of a different role.

REPORTER: What is the change for Brian?

THOMPSON: Somebody else has taken over communications with the press.

Watch it:

Even though Thompson says he was “very upset,” he apparently was not upset enough to actually remove Nemoir from his campaign team, instead keeping him on for strategy. Thompson also claimed that Nemoir has apologized, but he hasn’t; in fact, Nemoir said he has no regrets, suggesting Baldwin’s sexual orientation is one of many “significant issues” in the campaign.

Baldwin spokesperson John Kraus reacted that “this was a test and Tommy Thompson failed the test,” referring to the five days it took him to respond and his apparent attempt to cover up the incident without holding Nemoir accountable.