Zachary Quinto: ‘No Good Can Come From Me Staying Quiet’

Zachary Quinto — Spock, Sylar, Louis Ironson — has opened up to Out magazine about what life has been like in the 11 months since he came out publicly as gay. In terms of his sexuality, Quinto reached a point where he realized that “absolutely no good can come from me staying quiet about it.” Recognizing the good that can come from being open about it, the actor has dedicated much of his energy over the past six months to campaigning for Obama and pushing back against anti-gay Christian organizations:

QUINTO: It boggles my mind that there are so many extreme, Christian organizations that are adopting a stance against homosexuality with such vitriol and hatred and targeted aggression that goes against the tenets of the Christian faith. The hatred that people are leading with in this discussion is really, for me, the biggest symptom of how sick we are. It’s the thing that makes me look at our culture and think, We are so far afield of any sort of connectivity or truth in relationship to one another.