Marylanders For Marriage Equality ‘Celebritize’ Campaign With New York Fundraiser

Gov. Martin O'Malley (D) speaking out for equality, flanked by John Waters.

Maryland Gov. Marin O’Malley (D), his wife Katie, and a score of celebrities joined forces Thursday evening in New York City to raise money and support for marriage equality. On hand were Susan Sarandon, John Waters, Josh Charles, Ed Norton, Barbara Bush (daughter of President George W. Bush), and Russell Simmons, among others. The Maryland Marriage Alliance’s Derek McCoy accused the campaign of “trying to celebritize the issue” and attacked them in a fundraising email this week:

Backed by Hollywood donors, homosexual activists are already proclaiming victory in their efforts to redefine marriage in Maryland. They are taking their fundraising out of state where they can attract major donors. We know that in spite of the millions that they will receive from movie stars, Marylanders WILL NOT allow marriage to be redefined.

But McCoy’s campaign is just as guilty of “trying to celebritize the issue”; it’s just that Kirk Cameron and Brad Pitt’s mom don’t accomplish the goal in the same way. In fact, since Maryland for Marriage can’t find its own celebrity endorsements, it co-opts random statements from the likes of Bill Cosby and J.R.R. Tolkien instead. It’s also worth noting that the anti-equality effort has its own fair share of out-of-state funding, but it all comes directly from the National Organization for Marriage, which is managing their campaign.

Watch videos of John Waters and Susan Sarandon speaking out for equality, courtesy of The Baltimore Sun: