Focus On The Family Defends Heteronormativity As Ideal Societal Standard

A same-sex penguin couple raising a chick together in a German zoo.

“Heteronormativity” or “heterosexism” are more articulate ways of understanding the concept traditionally referred to as “homophobia.” They refer to attitudes that may not be overtly anti-gay, but which continue to oppress gay people by reinforcing hetero-supremacy, a notion that heterosexuality is superior and preferable to any other sexual orientation. According to Focus on the Family’s resident ex-gay, Jeff Johnston, such attitudes are just a part of nature and a reminder that homosexuality is the equivalent of “sexual brokenness“:

Even in our sexual brokenness, we see glimmers of God’s design. One of those glimmers is that though humans have the capacity for all kinds of sexual behaviors, and despite sin, the world is largely heteronormative – and not arbitrarily so. Most cultures recognize the truth displayed in our bodies, that humanity is divided into two sexes, male and female. And almost all have some form of marriage – mainly to keep children with the husband and wife who procreated them.[…]

Same-sex lusts, fantasies and sexual activity violate God’s male-female design in a unique way. Instead of normalizing brokenness, calling homosexuality “good,” and identifying people by their sexual attractions, those who follow Jesus are called to bring redemption, grace and transformation.

This is a selective viewing of nature that ignores the reality of sexual diversity. Qualifying one sexual orientation as superior or as the only “good” orientation is the true distortion of “God’s design.”