NYC’s Christine Quinn: ‘The World Did Not End When Gay People Could Marry’

The Washington Blade recently caught up with New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn (D), who married her partner Kim Catullo in May. Quinn, who is favored to succeed Michael Bloomberg (I) as mayor of New York, reflected on the advance of marriage equality last year, pointing out that there have been no “fear and gloom” consequences as a result:

QUINN: When New York State passed marriage equality, one could feel the joy on the streets. Everywhere couples went, people asked when are they getting married, what will their wedding be like? You could see and feel their happiness. The fear and gloom that opponents predicted did not come true, the world did not end when gay people could marry. Just the opposite, people felt love and joy. We had the opportunity to publicly commit in a legal ceremony in front of our family and friends, that we are a couple, we are family. And we are just as important as any other family. I will always be grateful for that day and remember that day for the rest of my life.

Quinn also offered a full-throated endorsement for President Obama’s re-election because “we can’t go back to a time when we lost our rights.”