Lesbian Shooting Victim Speaks Out: ‘Life Is So Fragile’

In June, a young lesbian couple in Corpus Christi, Texas were shot in the head while out at a park before heading to a movie. The lone survivor, Kristene Chapa, is now speaking out about her recovery and her life moving forward, including a new girlfriend:

CHAPA: Today marks 3 months since my accident. I’ve learned life is so fragile and cherish the people you have in your life love them don’t take things for granted and buy pepper spray! they deserve it! […]

I still need time but I am happy. I’m moving on. I know people deal with things different and I’m not gonna sit in my room and cry over what happened. I was heartbroken but I’m not gonna be single for the rest of my life … she’s in my heart but I needed something else. I wanted a girl to be there for me and understand what I’m going through.