Minnesota Vikings’ Chris Kluwe Attacked As Pedophile For Supporting LGBT Equality

Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe has been a very vocal advocate for marriage equality, helping fundraise to defeat his state’s marriage inequality amendment and just defending the gay community in general. For this, he has been bombarded with anti-gay hate mail, including one particular individual who photoshopped his name into a cartoon describing him as worse than a pedophile. Kluwe reacted to Outsports:

KLUWE: It arrived in the mail along with photocopied articles demeaning gays as “serial killers” and “pedophiles.” Doing some research, it appears the original cartoon came out in 1999 and this group (American News Center) has been mailing it out for multiple years now. No actual writing, no name, just lazy copy-pasted hate.

Indeed, there seems to be somebody in Minnesota who identifies as “American News Center” and sends anti-gay rhetoric like this, including comparisons between homosexuality and pedophilia, to many in the media who support LGBT rights. Kluwe, taking the cartoon in stride, described it as “the greatest piece of hate mail ever,” but awarded “no points for artistry.