Romney Foreign Policy Adviser Calls Obama’s Libya Response ‘Limp Wristed’

A foreign policy adviser to Mitt Romney on Friday called President Obama’s foreign policy “limp wristed.”

Former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton employed the term, usually used as a slur against or allusion to gay men, to describe the Obama administration’s response to the attacks in Libya earlier this month:

The US is viewed under Obama as weak, as Sen. McCain said, as declining in influence dramatically in the Middle East, pulling out of Iraq, intending to pull out of Aghanistan, having a limp wristed reaction to the assassination of four American diplomats.

Watch it:

Though he is frequently and prominent featured on Fox News, Bolton often acts as a surrogate for the Romney campaign, hosting numerous events for the GOP candidate. After Bolton endorsed Romney in January of 2012, the former Massachusetts candidate said, “John has been a staunch defender of U.S. interests and values, both while he was in and out of government … I look forward to consulting with him as we campaign to restore America’s standing abroad and ensure that this century is an American Century.”